LA3T has several Digipeaters and IGates in operation.

A Digipeater is a radio repeater for packet data rather than voice. It will receive an APRS packet data and retransmit the packet on the same frequency (144.800 MHz).

An IGate is a gateway between the APRS-IS (internet) and the local RF network (radio signals). Whenever it receives APRS packet data, either directly from the source or repeated through a Digipeater, it can let that information be known to internet services. Our internet map based service is at

LA3T operate the following digipeaters:

LD9TKJP99JR46HAKjølen, KvaløyaUIdigi
LD9TTJP99NR52LJTønsnesvarden, MovikaOpenTracker
LD9TUJP99VQ44MRYtrehaugen, UllsfjordenOpenTracker
LD9VNJQ90UE75SDKvalkjeften, VannøyaOpenTracker
LD9LYKP09DP94FSNordberg, LyngenPLXDigi
LD9SKKP09KT42DABertelfjell, Nord-TromsPLXDigi

LA3T operate the following IGates:

LD9TNLA3T, Elverhøy, QRT
LD9TFKP09BK83JX Furuflaten, TromsøWX3in1

Local IGates operated by HAM radio operators in the area:

LA9UI-2JP99IP97HXHåkøybotn, TromsøWX3in1
LA5FSAJP99LP84LCTromsdalen, TromsøWX3in1Plus2.0
LA8JRA-10JP99KP93ARSorgenfri, TromsøWX3in1Plus2.0
LA8JRA-11JP99HH84IAMalangen, TromsøWX3in1Plus2.0
LA6GGA-10KQ10DO62KABreivikbotn, HasvikWX3in1Plus2.0
LA3T APRS infrastructure