In Tromsø RV60 is the most frequently used repeater. RU378 is linked to RV50 which in turn is linked to RU380.

LA3T is operating the following repeaters:

LA6TRRV60145.750145.150-0.6123.0Kvitbergfjellet, Kvaløya
LA9TRRV50145.625145.025-0.6123.0Trolltinden, Arnøya
LA9QRRU378434.725432.725-2.0123.0Kjølen, Kvaløya
LA9LRRRU380434.750432.750-2.091.5Falsnes, Lyngen
LD9TN-BRU384434.800432.800-2.0DMR, LA3T (QRT)

The repeaters will with 2 hours interval send its own callsign in morsecode.

Map of repeaters
LA6TR, RV60 Kvitbergfjellet coverage
LA9LRR, RU380 Falsnes coverage
LA9TR, RV50 Trolltind coverage