AREDN locations in Tromsø

Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network

AREDN is a high-speed ad hoc data network for use in emergency and service oriented communication. It can provide regular computer related services over a WiFi mesh network using amateur radio frequencies. The mesh network consists of point to multipoint links utilizing the OLSRv1 routing protocol to create a complete routable network. The core of the AREDN network consists of a special AREDN firmware based upon the popular OpenWRT base. This firmware is compatible with numerous commonly available WiFi endpoints such as those from Mikrotik, Ubiquity, TP-Link and more.

Ubiquiti NanoBridge M5

In Tromsø members of LA3T are connected through a AREDN mesh network with a wide network coverage. We have multipoint antennas at Fløya, Kjølen, Håkøya and at LA3T. In addition, any member installation can be used as a relay station in the mesh network. Currently, our network is based on the Ubiquity NanoBridge M5 running AREDN firmware.

This network is a great asset under emergency operations and also has a secondary usage under sport events such as Midnight Sun Marathon. Using portable stations a user can have access to the services within the network from anywhere within the coverage area.

Services in LA3T AREDN network

The number of services are under constant evaluation, and more are added when needed. Currently the following services are available:

  • A chat service using MeshChat
  • Videostreaming
  • Network Time Protocol
  • IP Telephony using FreePBX VoIP service
  • Remote access